Wonman Lee

Wonman Lee

Ruby on Rails Developer

Wonman used to work for a Senator on Capitol Hill. After a loss left him jobless, he attended The Iron Yard and now works as a back-end developer.

What were you doing before The Iron Yard?

Before The Iron Yard, I was a systems administrator on the Hill. Random fun fact: My coworkers used to refer to me as Nick Burns on SNL. I spent 2014 knocking on doors in Alaska working on Senator Mark Begich’s re-election. With the Senator’s loss in the November election, I found myself without a job.

What made you ultimately decide to become a programmer?

President Obama and Su Kim, the Campus Director. Both deserve credit. President Obama has given countless speeches expounding on the need for more American workers skilled in STEM fields. Moving into the software field was always a goal of mine but I wasn’t able to learn efficiently while studying on my own.

A bootcamp however fit my learning style and my current status of being unemployed perfectly.

What do you hope to accomplish and achieve in the near future?

I feel like I am now equipped with the proper tools to create things. They may be rudimentary currently but with practice I feel like I can hone them to create professional and valuable apps that can create change.

One of the great strengths of software is its ability to scale everything and I’m hoping to take advantage of that in the future.

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