Matt Fair

Matt Fair

Matt's story shows off what it's like to be a student at The Iron Yard.

Week 1:

My name is Matt Fair. I'm from Indianapolis and that is where my cohort is based. Week one's been good so far. Do the pre-work. It's just by the end of the day, it's like man, I didn't physically move around a lot, but I'm still tired. Just a lot more thinking. Just in general, it's been a great experience.

Week 2:

It's just been more complicated. You have to spend more time thinking than actually just doing. You're figuring it out, and you're learning. You're pretty much learning how to learn at this point. I think, much more doing. I'm much further along after two weeks than I really expected.

Week 3:

Third week down. Yep, yep. It's flying. I've been doing a lot more work. Like I've been spending a lot more time doing things, but I really enjoy it. It's kind of funny, my stress level has just dropped dramatically even though again, I'm working hard. I have more energy to do things. People have mentioned that I have a more positive attitude, and so far it's been a great experience.

Week 4:

Shocking, shocking. When I think about it right off the bat, it's crazy, like I can't believe we just started. When I look at what I'm actually working on, it's like, "Holy cow, I've learned a lot in the last four weeks." It's...I don't know.

[Do you know what's coming up next week?]

Actually, I don't know. I'm sure he's told us, but I don't know if you can tell, I'm just completely out of it right now.

Week 5:

It's good. Again, I think I've said this every week. I look back at what I've learned in the past however many weeks, and it's crazy what I can do now versus what I couldn't do anything when I walked in.

Week 8:

It's different. I mean, we're done with the lecture phase. It's definitely different because we're basically going to have to use everything we've learned so far. When I first start thinking about it, it's get a little overwhelming, but hen again, you look back at the last two months and you kind of see like, "I can do this." It's not going to be treacherous or anything like that.

Week 9:

Yeah, so I think we obviously know what's been past. It's just been working on our projects. It's definitely different. Pretty excited about it. Starting to think I bit off a little more than I can chew. Nervous but they're keeping us in check so that's great.

Week 11:

Considering classes are done. It's been a crazy couple of weeks and so yeah. Oh man, I know, oh gosh I don't know if my week one self could understand what I was talking about. Hang in there, it's definitely worth it in the end. What you're going to build is going to blow your mind. It's more than just a project. It's something that someone can jump in there and use which is definitely way more than I thought it was going to be.

I think what I got out of this was exactly what I wanted. It was just so much that I was hoping to get out and I absolutely did. Way more than I could've ever done on my own.

Post Graduation:

Monday I'm back to work. Started applying to places, seeing what I could do. And MOBY sent me an e-mail immediately. It was like, "Hey do you want to come in for an interview?" Before I had even actually applied to MOBY. Almost exactly a month after demo day that I was actually working at MOBY and doing it.

I have absolutely no regrets. The Iron Yard worked fantastically for me. Just go for it, jump in. Do it, do whatever you can. It just seems like the best decision I've made. I don't have the words to explain how happy I am right now to be where I am.

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