Jeremy Butler

Jeremy Butler

iOS Developer

Jeremy had a lifelong love of technology, but didn't decide to pursue his passion until after he'd established another career as a musician. Today he builds mobile apps for one of the country's largest insurance providers. Here's Jeremy's story: 

I first became enthralled with computers when my elementary school received a donation of Macintosh LC's. I had never been on a computer before in my life, but they just made sense from the very moment I sat behind it.

After I was requested to give Mac tutorials to classmates and some teachers, my mother recalls being asked by my kindergarten teacher how long we'd had a computer in the house, to which my mother responded, "we never have."

My affinity for technology only grew with every new video game console release starting with NES. From there I grew into what I felt was a healthy obsession with all things Apple. Saving every cent on my own, I purchased a 12" Apple PowerBook and in 2005, and so began my intrigue with the Mac OS.

Over the next few years I joined a band that toured the world on a major label, tried my hand at the college life with a degree in history, married my high school love at 22, and welcomed my first child at 25.

Continuously searching for what I would do with my life, I stumbled upon a conversation with a friend in a Pei-Wei parking lot that would lead my discovery of The Iron Yard, a coding academy offering a 12-week Mobile Engineering program.

I graduated from The Iron Yard in October of 2014, and haven't looked back since. I've never been happier and I can't wait to see what the future holds for my family and me.

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