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Becky Hamm

Becky Hamm

UX Consultant

Becky had already started a career as a web designer, but lacked skills that would take her to the next level. After attending The Iron Yard she's significantly increased her knowledge and value as a contractor. Here's Becky's story:

What were you doing before The Iron Yard?

I was working as a UX and UI designer/developer, doing both contract jobs and freelance.

I was experienced in HTML and CSS, so I built or collaborated on WordPress sites, static sites, and web applications.

What made you ultimately decide on attending The Iron Yard?

I tried a few times to teach myself JavaScript. I did Codecademy, a node.js tutorial, and a few other tiny courses, but I still didn’t know how to actually start building something.

I feel like I learn best when I have a physical human being to bounce questions off of. So when I saw TIY at the Front-End Design Conference last year, I thought it might be what I was looking for.

I talked to Eric and a few other people, figured out if I could save enough to support myself for a few months, and went for it.

What are you doing now?

I have learned an incredible amount in the past 9 weeks. My goal going into TIY was to have a solid understanding of how to make an application, and I feel like I am already there!

I still have plenty of “learning moments” when I build something, but now I understand the concepts and can extend them to new applications. I’m excited for how my final project will turn out!

Any final thoughts, things you’d like to share?

I know I could have eventually learned by myself what I’ve learned here in 3 months, but it would have taken much longer.

Life gets in the way; there’s always something else that takes priority. I knew if I really wanted to learn JS, I needed to specifically dedicate a chunk of my life to it, so that’s why I’m here.

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