Alex Soper

Alex Soper

UI Engineer

What were you doing before The Iron Yard?

Before I started at The Iron Yard, I had just graduated from The University of Alabama at Birmingham with a degree in Philosophy and Political Economics. I was fascinated by practical philosophy courses that taught you strategies and logical fallacies of debate, how to predict behavior, and how to ascertain outcomes of any given situation. This degree was designed to be perfect for law school preparation, one of my long-standing plans.

Unfortunately it wasn’t until just before graduation that I realized my plan for law school wasn’t an economically sound decision and began looking for other opportunities. I worked briefly as an Auto Damage Adjuster for GEICO doing the Management Development Plan. I thought this opportunity was going to lead to a long-term career but the insurance industry was not something that interested me, so I kept looking.

One constant in my life has always been a love for computers and technology.

Back in high school I took a few introductory programming courses in Visual Basic that I really enjoyed, so I decided to look into learning coding again and began taking online courses. Shortly after, I quit my job at GEICO and jumped head first into the world of coding by joining The Iron Yard.

What made you ultimately decide on attending The Iron Yard?

I learned quickly that the insurance industry wasn’t a field I wished to pursue a career in, so I began taking online courses in front-end development. I decided to leave my position at GEICO to devote myself entirely to online learning.

After taking a few courses online, I was asking myself what was next and how could I learn enough on my own to begin a career in programming.

It seemed unlikely that I could actually learn a sufficient amount of information online in the time I wished. Five days before the class began, I reached out to The Iron Yard in Orlando, spoke with the Campus Director and instructor for the front-end course, and was easily convinced that this was the best option for me to start a career in programming.

What are you doing now?

I’m now employed at Accesso, a company who does ticketing and queueing for attractions and entertainment venues. I was hired on as a front-end developer to work on a new project, a back-of-house application built in AngularJS.

Any final thoughts, things you’d like to share?

The Iron Yard was an amazing experience, and highly recommended as the fastest way to immerse yourself into the world of development.

The instructors I met were all exceptionally knowledgable and current with technologies and practices related to their field of expertise.

However, while you are provided with the tools and support necessary for success, you have to be fully dedicated to your education for the entirety of the class to benefit from the opportunity.

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