The Iron Yard in Tampa Bay.

We have joined forces with several Bay area software companies to train the development talent they want to hire. We're working with companies in Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg to invest in the tech workforce for the future of the Bay area, including the following Advisory Board members: American Express Serve, Bisk Education, Microsoft - Tampa and Valpak.

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Check out our 2016 fact sheet for more information about Tampa Bay job openings and to meet our Tampa Bay team.

Program offerings

Back-End Engineering
Back-End Engineering

Back-End Engineering focuses on the logic and database needs required to run and scale web applications. Back-end products combine databases, APIs, and user interface frameworks. Back-end developers deploy fully-formed products to the cloud, integrate with online services, and enable mobile and front-end applications.

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C# and .NET

C# is an elegant and robust language that enables anyone to build a variety of applications that run on the .NET Framework. You can use C# to create web applications, Windows applications, web APIs, database applications and much more.


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Ruby on Rails

Ruby is loved for its English-like syntax and the superpowers developers feel when writing it. Ruby code will connect to databases, other applications on the internet, and generate HTML for web applications. It sits on the server and powers...

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Front-End Engineering
Front-End Engineering

Front-End Engineering focuses on creating experiences in web browser that users see and interact with. The discipline covers a broad area, from web design principles to complex JavaScript applications that manage data. The tools used in front-end engineering are ubiquitous--no matter the technology used on the back end, front-enders are responsible for delivering the experience and data to the person using the web application.

front-end-engineering courses
JavaScript and MVC Frameworks

JavaScript is an incredible language to learn for anyone interested in getting into programming. It is the only programing language that can run on the front end of a website, meaning that if you want to have any dynamic interaction on your...

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Kids learn for free.

At each of our locations we offer free code classes for kids. We believe in investing in the local tech economy for the long-run, and that means impacting the next generation.


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Tampa Bay Campus Team

Meet our incredible team members in Tampa Bay

Mark dewey

Mark Dewey

Instructor, .NET

Mark has seen success in both the government and commercial arenas of software engineering. Along the way, Mark has developed a passion for mentoring young, and ambitious talent and wants to bring new developers to the next level.

Jason perry

Jason Perry

Instructor, Front-End

Jason’s been a Rubyist for about as long as anybody, founding the Tampa Ruby Brigade in 2006. After stints in academia, startups, and as a consulting freelancer, he has found great joy in mentoring and sharing the knowledge gained over his career.

Gavin stark

Gavin Stark

Instructor, Ruby on Rails

Gavin studied mathematics and computer science in Rochester, New York and Management Information Systems in Tucson, Arizona. He has been writing software since programs were saved on tape and source code was printed in magazines.

Katherine trammell

Katherine Trammell

Operations Assistant

A Michigan native and Florida transplant, Katherine is an Iron Yard Front-End Engineering Alumni. She hopes to use her experiences as a developer and former student to continue to elevate the experience at The Iron Yard Tampa Bay campus.

Holly valenty

Holly Valenty

Student Enrollment Representative

Holly graduated from the University of Florida, and explored Marketing and Tech. She found what she loved most was connecting people to their passions, and is excited to help students with their next career opportunity.


Toni Warren

Campus Director

After receiving her MBA at the University of Tampa, Toni began to share the impact of how technology can help nonprofit organizations touch more people. Realizing the need for talented developers, she crossed paths with The Iron Yard who shares many of her same values.

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