The Iron Yard in Houston.

Houston, Texas is home to many amazing enterprise, startup and healthcare software companies. We’re excited to be a part of the action. Our programs train high quality developers who will help businesses across the ecosystem build amazing digital products.

New course offering
The Iron Yard's new 24-week Front-End Course is an evening/weekend class that will take place Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and Saturdays. It is designed for students who want to learn programming and launch a career in software, but simply can't quit their jobs.

What will you learn?
The 24-week course uses the same curriculum as the full-time immersive class, only spread out over a longer period of time and held during non-working hours. By the end of this class, you'll be able to problem solve programming tasks using JavaScript, giving you the ability to create dynamic websites and applications that function like Twitter, Spotify and others. With a working knowledge of modern JavaScript frameworks, you'll graduate with a deep understanding of what it takes to be a successful front-end programmer in the industry today.

What are the next steps?
Great question! First, complete the application. We would also love for you to stop by and chat. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Click here to grab a time on our calendar.

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Want more?
Check out our 2016 fact sheet for more information about Houston job openings and to meet our Houston team.

Program offerings

Front-End Engineering
Front-End Engineering

Front-End Engineering focuses on creating experiences in web browser that users see and interact with. The discipline covers a broad area, from web design principles to complex JavaScript applications that manage data. The tools used in front-end engineering are ubiquitous--no matter the technology used on the back end, front-enders are responsible for delivering the experience and data to the person using the web application.

front-end-engineering courses
JavaScript and MVC Frameworks

JavaScript is an incredible language to learn for anyone interested in getting into programming. It is the only programing language that can run on the front end of a website, meaning that if you want to have any dynamic interaction on your...

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Kids learn for free.

At each of our locations we offer free code classes for kids. We believe in investing in the local tech economy for the long-run, and that means impacting the next generation.


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Houston Campus Team

Meet our incredible team members in Houston

Brian dorton

Brian Dorton

Campus Director

With a Masters in Educational Management Brian has worked in education for 10 years with experience ranging from classroom teacher to campus administrator and everything in between.

Joe frasier

Joe Frasier

Student Enrollment Representative

Joe originally started working in student assistance dealing with entrance exams for graduate school. He has always had a passions for helping others find their calling and achieving their dreams. His love of tech brought him to The Iron Yard where he can use his passion to help people pursue a career in the tech field.

Christie loyd

Christie Loyd

Campus Operations Manager

Christie graduated from The Art Institute of Houston with an AAS degree in Film Production and earned her BA in Communications/PR/Advertising with a minor in English from The University of Houston.

Justin richards

Justin Richards

Instructor, Front-End

After spending a few years indulging his muse as a writer, Justin moved on to study Natural Language Processing, the branch of computer science that deals with understanding and using human language.

Mohammad azam

Mohammad Azam Sharp

Instructor, Mobile

Before joining The Iron Yard, Mohammad worked as a lead mobile developer for, Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, VALIC and AIG. He is a frequent speaker at tech conferences including 360iDev, IndieDevStock, 360iDevMin, Houston iPhone Meetup and Houston Tech Fest.

We are Hiring!
At The Iron Yard we have created an environment that is exciting, intellectually challenging, and culturally diverse. We work hard, smart, and collaboratively because our mission is worthy of our time and investment. Does this resonate with you? We'd love to chat.

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