Our Advisory Boards are part of our secret sauce.

Whenever we consider launching a new campus, our first step is to meet with local employers and tech leaders to discuss the hiring needs specific to that metro area. We then build curriculum and offer specific programs and courses based on that feedback. This ensures that our graduates’ skills are as relevant as possible when they graduate, and enhances their opportunity to be competitive for great jobs in the tech industry. As our campuses grow, we make it a priority to continually gather feedback, make adjustments, and understand market needs and new technologies; combining all of those components to strengthen our curricula and course offerings. This is what our Advisory Boards are all about.

Some current advisory board members


  • To give our team your perspective on the needs of tech employers in the area
  • To provide valuable feedback to us about our local curriculum and graduates
  • To discuss what’s going on in your specific field as it relates to technology and education

Advisory Boards are a key component to the success of each of our campuses. Each Advisory Board is made up of people and companies who have a stake in growing the tech ecosystem. We generally meet at least three times a year (food and drinks on us).

We want to make sure we have the very best technical curriculum that meets the growing and changing needs of our industry. Being a part of this Advisory Board is an opportunity for you to influence the industry, connect with other leaders in the community, and to positively impact our students' futures in the industry. Your level of involvement beyond our meetings is up to you. Many of our Advisory Board members provide networking opportunities and connections for our students to employers and industry leaders. Some board members give guest lectures, attend Demo Days, evaluate student final projects, and interview students.

“I’m thrilled to see The Iron Yard educating the next generation of developers. Each graduating class is full of inquisitive and intelligent minds, ready to take on real challenges in the industry. Both The Iron Yard and their students have bright futures ahead.”

Katie Parsons
Front-End Developer, IBM Design

“Not only have we hired graduates of The Iron Yard’s programs in Durham, we’ve also been able to interact with students inside the classroom and in the community.”

Adam LaVoy
Global Talent Aquisition, Red Hat


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